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What is CCL Test?

The Credentialed Community Language Test, known as the CCL Test, is an interpreting test for evaluation of your language quality and capabilities in community level. In this test, candidates interpret two conversations between an English speaker and a Language Other Than English (LOTE) to demonstrate accurate comprehension of each language. During CCL Test, an audio recording is played by a test officer which includes topics in Australian society such as health, legal, immigration, finance, housing, education, etc. CCL Test candidates after passing the ccl exam are only able to claim 5 bonus points for their visa applications in 189,190, and 491 subclasses and NOT working as a certified interpreter or translator.



If you are struggling to find the exactly material you need for CCL Test, CCL PANEL is a self- study and practical website which provides not only learning materials, and test strategies but also a variety of mock exams in a simulated real test environment to maximize your CCL test score. On March 2018, when the first CCL test launched, we built the first and the largest preparation resources of CCL test and updated it monthly, and now, we made a great destination for all CCL test takers in Australia and all around the world. CCL PANEL Website features a centralized dashboard where you can access to updated sources and mock exams, plus monitor your progress and ask for feedback from certified interpreter. We believe a goal without a plan is just a wish, so we made that plan for you.


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The first, biggest, and the most successful community created ever.